Thursday, April 6, 2017

2 + 2 = 5

2 + 2 = 5 ?: How gender ideology has imposed itself on what is evident

The Peruvian family advocacy association called “Vida Viva Perú” has broadcast a video in which it is denounced the imposition of gender ideology in the classrooms, indoctrination of children from an early age and the way in which those who think differently are punished.

2 + 2 has always been four, but now the result may be different. The video explains how gender ideology ends with common sense and how the ideological pressure has imposed on what is evident.

Last weekend a parent denounced in “Freedom in Religion” the indoctrination to which his son had been submitted in a school in Madrid.

Without the family’s knowledge, the parent denounces, "some professionals" gave talks to the students in which they were urged to choose if they wanted to be girls, even if they were boys or viceversa, and those who did not agree with this ideology were labeled as fanatics.

The parent who decided to share his case also related how his daughter told him that she had received a talk and that she had watched a "beautiful" video. The video in question is called HollySiz and shows a boy who wants to be a girl but faces the "incomprehension" of his classmates, his teacher and his father. The video ends with the father dressed as a woman picking up his son at school to show him his support.

Source: Infovaticana