Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Absolute Incompatibility Between Freemasonry and Catholicism: Edmundo Valenzuela, Archbishop of Asuncion, Paraguay


Paraguay. The Archbishop of Asuncion, Edmundo Valenzuela, pointed out during the Chrism Mass, on April 13 (2017), that "one cannot be a Catholic and a Freemason at the same time" since Freemasonry is absolutely incompatible with the Christian faith.

During the celebration, he particularly drew attention to the authenticity of the Catholic faith, and spoke about the assembly of the Inter-American Masonic Conference (CMI), which will take place this week in Asuncion.

In that sense, he said: "In the next days there will be an international meeting of Freemasonry in Paraguay, I remind Christians that you cannot be a Catholic and a Freemason because the principles of Freemasonry are incompatible with the Christian faith."

Bishop Valenzuela asked families and young people to "not be deceived by those who say otherwise," asserting that "apostasy is denying one's own Christian faith."

In addition, he mentioned that together with syncretism (the act of reconciling different doctrines or religions), it constitutes a practical and doctrinal withdrawal from the community, and that, in considering itself a grave sin, it demands the renunciation of Freemasonry and religious syncretism to approach the sacraments of the Church.