Sunday, April 2, 2017

While The Shepherds Remain Silent, the Flock Perish

The prophet calls them "sleepers"

We all have a moral duty not to remain silent even in the most private spheres. Among friends, family or work, there are situations in which to remain silent is a coward action and an injustice against charity. The same happens before the Church and society and, the more we know, the less we should be silent. For the same reason, we must listen to and spread the words of those who know - and know well - even if what they say is uncomfortable. To be silent, when it is necessary to speak, is to commit a sin of omission. If those who must speak are silent, even the stones will cry out.

Nowadays in the Church, in the face of the most serious crisis ever, almost all pastors are silent. They sleep comfortably while the flock perish. Saint Catherine of Siena exclaimed: "I ask you to act so that on the day when the supreme Truth judges you, He does not have to tell you this harsh words: “Cursed be you who have said nothing.” Be silent no longer! Cry out with a hundred thousand voices. I have seen that by the power of silence the world is rotten, the Bride of Christ has lost her color...”.

They are afraid to speak now and defend the Truth of the Gospel, but ... will they not fear the judgment of God when they are called to account for lost souls?