Monday, March 27, 2017

A Video With Hidden Camera Shows How The LGBT Lobby Permeated Disney

In 1998, almost half of the Disney staff was homosexual. This is confirmed by the former director, Michael Eisner, in a recent hidden camera video. Twenty years later the number may be higher. Perhaps that explains the LGBT contents of the company.

The powerful gay lobby, which controls much of the entertainment industry in the US, has long since set eyes on the creator of Snow White, Bambi or Pinocchio. The largest factory of dreams for children is already dominated by the pink lobby. The latest is the new version of Beauty and the Beast, which has the presence of homosexuals - in a secondary role, but still homosexuals.

But - as in the case of television - the phenomenon is not casual or spontaneous. More than 20 years ago, the animation factory has been filled with homosexual creators and many of the fiction contents are contaminated with this bias.

Nearly half of the staff (about 150,000 employees) were homosexuals in 1998 - exactly 40% - as revealed by then-director of Disney, Michel Eisner. This data was made public during a conference to students in favor of LGBT laws at the University of California.

The following lines are part of the video.

As can be seen and heard, the executive director of the Human Rights campaign, Elizabeth Brich, states that the percentage of gay employees of Disney in the 1990s was 30%, but then former director Eisner corrects her and says that it was even greater: "You're wrong Elizabeth, it was 40%."

It is a private event. And Brich makes it clear when she asks if it is being recorded and if she can speak with complete freedom.

What she does not know is that a reporter had slipped in and recorded the event in a hidden way.

If we are talking about 1998 data, before the LGBT movement gained visibility, and before gay marriage laws were passed, it stands to reason that the percentage of the lobby within Walt Disney will have increased significantly today.

In fact, the director of Beauty and the Beast, Bill Condon, is openly gay. And in the Disney Channel series, there are many LGBT characters, such as homosexual couples like Sheriff Blubs or Commissioner Durland of 'Gravity falls'.

Disney has control not only of Walt Disney Animaton Studios or Disney Toons, but also of another major animation company, Pixar, world famous for films like Toy Story or Nemo.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil. This program, aimed at children and teenagers, is aired on Disney XD, the cable and satellite television channel of the company.