Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Supreme Testament

Let’s contemplate that scene whose sovereign beauty shocked the angels, in the Last Supper.

Jesus has just instituted the divine Eucharist... A shadow of infinite sadness... almost agony, clouds his adorable face...: he sees Judas there; the ingrate already has in his power the sum he has received to betray his Lord.

It would seem that John, the favorite, has guessed everything, reading this story of perfidy in the eyes of his Divine Friend... And as one who offers to pay, to repair that infamy, see how he approaches, how he embraces Jesus... And more; with a spontaneous and simple confidence he lovingly rested his head upon the Heart of Jesus...

Oh, and Jesus, pleased and comforted, rewarded that intimacy by reclining his adorable Heart in that of John, his apostle... and his friend!... In that moment of glory, He entrusted it to him, he certainly gave it completely to him... And since then, Jesus and John were united with an eternal bond... beyond life and beyond death!... Jesus is agonizing on Calvary!... At his feet, near John... closer still to the Immaculate Queen, Is... Magdalene!... On one side, the innocence preserved, and on the other, the recovered innocence!... And both, John and Magdalene, and by witness the Immaculate Queen, also received, in supreme testament, the Heart of Jesus!

Taken from THE HOLY HOUR, by Fr. Matthew Crawley-Boevey (1875- 1960).

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