Friday, March 10, 2017

Meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Taken from THE HOLY HOUR
Written by Fr. Matthew Crawley-Boevey
(1875 – 1960)

"Behold the Heart that has loved men so much... Contemplate It, my children, satiated with opprobrium, in this Host in which It beats, among fires of charity, for you... only for you! And being unable to bear any longer the ardor that consumes It, It has wished to surrender to the very world which has It pierced with the dart of ingratitude... This is the supreme and last resort of my redemption...

Here you have my Heart: I give it to you, I entrust it to you unreservedly, in exchange for yours, sinner and ungrateful... Oh, I am thirsty, I have an immense thirst to be loved, in this Sacrament of the Altar, in which I have been King of Silence, the Monarch of oblivion... But the time has come for my triumphs... I have come to regain Earth... Yes, I will subjugate it, despite Hell, and I will save it by the omnipotence of my Heart. Accept It, I beg you... give me your hands and your soul to receive this supreme gift of my redemptive mercy... I am come to cast fire on the earth, fire of life, of boundless love, fire of holiness, fire of sacrifice, and what will I, but that it be kindled?

Put your eyes on my wounded chest... there you have the Heart that has loved you to the lows of Bethlehem... and more; To the humiliations and darkness of Nazareth... much more so; even to the agonies of Calvary... This is the same Heart that stopped beating on Golgotha, yes, the same, that continues to love in the unquenchable bonfire of the altar... of the Holy Eucharist."

And you refuse to love Me!”

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